[HanCinema’s News] Chae Jong-hyeop Starts Big Year Off With Award Win @ HanCinema

Actor last week Chae Jong Hyeop He won Best New Actor at the 2022 South Korea Brand Awards. It’s an auspicious start to the year for the 27-year-old actor. Chae Jong Hyeop He is a late comer in movie roles, with his first appearance in a web drama “Common” From 2019. But his profile improved rapidly with his role in Hearth League As the young bowler of the popular dramatic sports team, who generally focused more on running the game of baseball than playing baseball.


But 2021 was the place Chae Jong Hyeop Really hit his stride. After another sleepy role in Sisyphus: The Legend As an unlucky delivery boy, Chae Jong Hyeop Dazzling viewers as the second runner-up in “however” Contrastingly made it even more impressive by the subject matter of the drama. where Chae Jong Hyeop He was a nice boy around, the male leader, Song Kang, exhibited attractive yet toxic behaviour.

On the strength of this performance, Chae Jong Hyeop He has now been appointed to lead the upcoming KBS drama Speed ​​is 493 km. Where he plays again as an athlete, this time in the sport of badminton. He will play the opposite park joo hyunAnother rising artist appeared in it “the mouse” last year. Speed ​​is 493 km. A broadcast date has not yet been set, but it is expected to happen in the first half of this year.

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