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On February 18th HL Company confirmed that the musical film “Lovely Voice: The Beginning” would be available on South Korean streaming platforms this coming May. The film deals with an unconventional music producer who’s hit rock bottom. He rekindles his lost passion for the art and finds love by working with a youth musical group. The crowdfunded project is also noteworthy for amassing a large number of well-known musical artists as cast members.


These include Jeong Jin-woo of 2 AM as well as Shin Hye-jung of AOA in the leading roles. Yubin of Wonder Girls and “Cheondung” of MBLAQ also have confirmed supporting roles. In terms of non-singers, Kim Seolbest known for her role as the younger sister of Go Kyung-pyo in “Answer Me 1988” will also have a credited appearance. Cho Eun-sook, Jung Kyung-ho-I, Chae Eun-jungand shorry are also confirmed for the cast.

Written by William Schwartz

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