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On January 19th, Disney + Korea released a video interview of “Snowdrop” Featuring main actors Jisoo and Jung Hye In. The interview format is a test where Jisoo and Jung Hye In Read various questions about “Snowdrop” Write down their answers as you discuss these answers with each other.

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Jisoo’s first question is what clothes Jisoo’s character was wearing in the open house scene. The answer is a pink one-piece dress. .’s first question Jung Hye In It was what his character was doing when he first met Jisoo’s character. The answer is to build a matchstick tower. Jisoo’s second question was how Jisoo felt during her first shoot. The answer is half hopeful, half nervous.

Jung Hye InAnswering the same question was himself, worried that he should do well. When asked to introduce her character in her own words, Jisoo said that she was bright, optimistic, and eager to help others. Looking at the same question, Jung Hye In He said that his character was an affectionate person full of a sense of responsibility. Regarding the synchronization rates between their characters and their characters, Jisoo wrote 80% while Jung Hye In 50% wrote.

In the next question about the most memorable scene between the actors, Jisoo said that it was the dance scene. Jung Hye In He said the end. Jung Hye In They also claimed that in addition to being the last scene in the drama’s script, this was also the last scene they filmed. “Snowdrop” It had 3% ratings on its last episode, the eleventh episode, which aired on January 16.

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