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In a recent interview the actress Han Ji Yeon She talked about her experience in the crime drama “bad and crazy” She played the main female role as a drug officer and is also the ex-girlfriend of the heroine she played Lee Dong Wook. As for her character, Han Ji Yeon She claimed to have a fifty percent synchronization rate with her character. anyway Han Ji Yeon She thinks of herself as single-minded, and she also considers herself completely uninterested in topics that don’t spark that kind of passion.


Generally Han Ji Yeon She described the role as a challenge for her, as she had no experience with any crime shows or detective characters. Before that “bad and crazy” Han Ji YeonProbably his most notable role is his role as one of the leading characters in the overall drama “Be melodramatic” Back in 2019. However, she also played the title character in “Drama Theater 2021 – EP, Hi Dorothy” Which removes lewd videos uploaded illegally.

Han Ji Yeon She also talked about wanting to do better in future roles, as well as improving her self-confidence – hence challenging herself. To this end, it has already been confirmed for the upcoming TVING drama “The ants are riding” in the leadership role. Han Ji Yeon She notices that she knows nothing about stock trading, which is the topic the program is about. This makes the role another challenge for her, like Han Ji YeonA character also begins with knowing a little about the stock market.

It’s been some time since then Han Ji Yeon She first appeared in a horror movie “Ghost – Buffy” In 2010, but recently she began to get bigger roles. think about this, Han Ji Yeon She did so well with what she had, she said, and she couldn’t have imagined making this much progress in her career. Han Ji Yeon You think ten years hasn’t been a short time, yet you’ve come forward step by step, and you feel so much stronger than that.

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