[HanCinema’s News] Jung Hae-in Thanks ‘Snowdrop’ Co-stars for Coffee Car @ HanCinema

Actor on January 21 Jung Hye In He posted a post on Instagram acknowledging receiving a coffee car. Give him credit for the gift “Snowdrop” co-stars. Although the sign itself does not make the vehicle transmitter clear, Jung Hye In Names kim hye yoonAnd Choi Hye Jin IAnd Jung Shin HyeAnd Jung Ye SeoAnd huh nam joonAnd Ahn Dong Joo, And Jisoo as effective.


The coffee cart, of course, was not appropriate Jung Hye In lonliness. Posted to group “Connection” which the actor is currently portraying, and also provided a blessing to the rest of the cast and crew of that cold weather drama. Jung Hye In He described the idea as memorable and promised to use the great strength that provided him to persevere through the final dramatic scene. “Snowdrop” It had 3.017% ratings in its latest episode, Episode 11, which aired on January 16.

Written by William Schwartz

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