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Kim Eui Sung He is currently appearing in the South Korean movie “Private Delivery” It is currently being shown in South Korean theaters. In a recent interview, the fifty-six-year-old actor gave some anecdotal comments about his role in the action movie in which he is starring. Park Su Dam In the lead role as an ace delivery driver. Kim Eui SungPresident Pike is an enigmatic figure, and the line straddles the villain in his no-questions-asked job policy, but loyal in his concern for his employee.


Kim Eui Sung He claimed that Chief Paik is actually among his lighter roles. more on his part, Kim Eui Sung He was intrigued by a hypothesis “Private Delivery” And how it centered around a ruthless, overly competent heroine in a role that men usually cast. Kim Eui Sung He was also interested because Park Su Dam It is attached to the project. The two appeared together in the movie The Exorcism “priests” early in her career.

Kim Eui Sung He said that he had some problems with the patriarchal side of his personality, as he has no children. However, Kim Eui Sung He said he had a good relationship Park Su Dam Thus I easily managed to achieve an effective relationship with her. Kim Eui Sung He also claimed to have spoken with Park Su Dam Lots about how their characters treat each other, given the business-like nature of their relationship.

according to Kim Eui Sung Much of this is just a personal process of getting into character. He claims to have had similar discussions. with “Train to Busan” child actress Kim Soo An His main goal, while in the “Assassination” He had the most discussion with him Ha Jung Woo. according to Kim Eui SungAnd Ha Jung Woo He was particularly interested in this technique, wondering Kim Eui Sung How his character relates to all the other characters too.

to Kim Eui Sung This all matters because for him, whether his character is good or bad is a matter of perspective, entirely dependent on the other character he’s interacting with. So this was how he came to settle on a natural interpersonal dynamic Park Su Dam. “Private Delivery” It was released in South Korean theaters last January 12 and had more than 300,000 acceptances at the box office at the time.

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