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On February 3rd, Netflix Korea released a video detailing the backstage events of the series “We are all dead” It was first shown on the streaming platform on January 28th. Despite the often dark character of the zombie high school drama, the actors are cheerful in the video and seem to show an excellent relationship with each other.



The exact shape of the story is the experience of many of the big scenes. The library, cafeteria, broadcasting room, music room, and storage room scenes are given special emphasis in terms of the intense situations portrayed and the style of representation necessary in these spaces. Other behind-the-scenes footage confirms how the additional people playing zombies have been instructed to act as intense and intimidating as possible. This helps explain why actors in interviews talk about their feelings of fear.

But at the same time the actors thought that the production was very interesting. Since many of the actors have only had small roles or worked in independent films on previous projects, they appreciated getting into them. “We are all dead” with peers of the same experience levels. They described their acting style as dealing a lot with each other carefully to discuss the exact boundaries of their characters and their relationships.

Written by William Schwartz


“We are all dead” directed by Kim Nam SooAnd Lee Jae Jiuwritten by Chun Seong Iland features park ji hoAnd Yoon Chan YoungAnd Cho Yi HyunAnd lomonAnd Yo In SooAnd Lee Yo Mi. Streaming info in Korea: 01/28/2022, on Netflix.

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