[HanCinema’s News] Park So-dam Apologizes for Inability to Do Marketing for ‘Special Delivery’ @ HanCinema

In a recent interview the actress Park Su Dam She apologized for not being able to market the action movie “Private Delivery” Which will be released on January 12th. The film is her first project since her agency revealed on December 13 that the actress had papillary thyroid cancer. Supposedly Park Su Dam She underwent surgery and is currently recovering from it.


Regardless of apologies Park Su Dam She also noticed the color of her hair. This was also a topic of discussion while upgrading to “parasite” Back in 2019 as well “Fukuoka” back in 2020. Park Su Dam She insisted that she would like to talk more about her experience with her “Private Delivery” But she needs to focus on her recovery. Park Su Dam She claims she has been very surprised and scared since her original diagnosis.

Park Su Dam She also appreciated her role as the mainstream film’s only title role, describing the experience of seeing her face on a theatrical poster as prominent as a mystery. Park Su Dam Appreciated for the opportunities presented to her, as well as the guiding stance taken by the older cast and crew in supporting her. Supposedly , Park Su Dam She believes that only with their help was she able to bring her character to life on the screen.

to go forward Park Su Dam Obviously, her priority should be restoring her physical and mental health. She seemed to appreciate the irony of all this happening in the context of appearing to be a superb, super competent lead in an ambitious action movie. Park Su Dam He claims to have sheltered for several years. in a “Private Delivery” Park Su Dam He will play the role of Eun Ha, a delivery driver who responds to unusual requests. The film is already leading all early bookings at the South Korean box office.

Written by William Schwartz


“Private Delivery” directed by Park Dae Minand features Park Su DamAnd Song Sae ByokAnd Kim Eui SungAnd Jeong Hyun JoonAnd Yoon Woo JinAnd Hey Ran. Release date in Korea: 01/12/2022.

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