How could “night rider” be translated into Korean?

Answer: Song Palm (night rider)?

According to Merriam Webster, a “night rider” is “a member of a secret squad who rides a masked at night and performs acts of violence for the purpose of punishment or terror,” as the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) used to do during Reconstruction in the United States.

Chinese character Takes (승) means “to ride”, a night (야) means “night,” and Person (자) means “person”, so 승 (乘夜 者) literally means “night rider (乘) person (夜) (者)”, which can be translated as “one who rides at night” or “night rider”.

There is no Korean word 승 야자 (night rider), as far as I know, but Koreans use the Sino-Korean word 승야 (乘夜) to mean “under cover of night” or “under cover of darkness”. Since the pure Korean word for “night” is 밤, and “riding” is 타다, 승야 (乘夜) would be translated into pure Korean as “밤 을”. Also, the Korean expression 틈 을 literally means “to ride cleavage or open,” but it translates as “to seize the opportunity.”

By the way, the wordpassenger car) literally means “passenger car (乘) using (用) car (車)”, which can be translated as “passenger car”. and 승용마 (rider horse) translates as “a horse used to ride”, “a horse to ride” or “a saddle horse”.

From Dong-A’s Prime Korean-English Dictionary

From Dong-A’s Prime Korean-English Dictionary

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