How does Korean historian Mark Peterson explain the history of “Dokdo” (독도)?

ANSWER: By talking about almost everything but the history of Dokdo, which is the Korean name for “Liancourt Rocks.” Why does Professor Peterson do that? Because I think he knows deep inside, somewhere in a place that he does not want Koreans to know about, that Dokdo (독도) has no history in Korea, at least not before Korea stole it from Japan in 1952, something that Korea did in In spite of being told by the United States that “Dokdo” was Japanese territory, not Korean. If Professor Peterson does not know that, then he is not a very good history professor.

Mark Peterson, who has been described in the “Korea Times” as a Professor Emeritus of Korean, Asian, Near Eastern Languages ​​at Brigham Young University, has posted a three-part video series on his “Frog Outside the Well” YouTube site that are entitled “Dokdo and its history.” The full titles of the three videos are as follows:

Video 1: “Dokdo and its history, Hideyashi.”
Video 2: “Dokdo and its history, Japanese Occupation”

Video 3: “Dokdo and its history, and a proposal for peace”

The problem with all three videos is that none of them really talk about the history of Dokdo. Instead, the “Professor” rambles on and on about evil Japan this, evil Japan that without really saying anything about the history of Dokdo. Professor Peterson then ends his “Dokdo and its history” series by essentially saying that since Japan is so evil, it should just give Dokdo to Korea as a way to help make up for its evilness. Really? This guy is a Korean history professor? He can barely speak Korean.

Korea has no old maps of “Dokdo,” by any name, nor does it have any old documents showing that Koreans ever traveled to “Dokdo” before Japanese fisherman started taking them there as deckhands on Japanese boats at the beginning of the 20th century fishing . Japan, on the other hand, has many old maps and documents that show that Japanese were traveling to Liancourt Rocks (“Dokdo”) as early as the 1600s.

By the way, if you are having trouble sleeping at night, I suggest you visit Professor Peterson’s “Frog Outside the Well” YouTube site and listen to some of his rambling anti-Japanese videos, which seem to be a big hit with anti-Japanese Koreans.

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