How much does 짝사랑 (one-sided love) weigh?

Answer: 2.4 kg

When you are near someone you secretly love (짝사랑), your heart tends to palpitate or palpitate, which means your heart tends to beat faster. The pure Korean word for “palpitations”, “petabas” or “palpitations” is 두근 .

Since 두 is also the pure Korean word for “two”, and 근 (斤) is a unit of weight measurement equal to 600 grams, 두근 + 두근 = 4 근, which is equivalent to 2.4 kg (600 g x 4), right? So, if you’re trying to lose weight, don’t fall in love.

From Dong-A’s Prime Korean-English Dictionary

The following was written as an introduction to a story Gong Seon-OK wrote “Family” in a book called “Reading the Works of Korean Textbooks (Middle Novel 2).”

Introduction to Gong Seon-OK’s story “Family”

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