How to Clean a Piano

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How do you clean the piano?

When it comes to piano cleaning, there are a few simple things to know about the do’s and don’ts. While these tips are relatively straightforward, following each one is important!

How to clean the piano: what he does

  • Wash your hands before playing. Most dirt on the piano keys comes from the player’s hand. So make sure you wash your hands well in front of you play the piano.
  • Pull the piano cover down over the keys when done. This prevents the keys from getting into accidents such as spilled drinks, food, etc.
  • Wipe often. Even with precautions, the piano will inevitably get dirty. Clean regularly with piano cleaner like this. You can also wipe it with a feather duster or a slightly dampened flannel or cotton muslin cloth.
  • Use plain filtered water. Old filtered water is best to avoid damaging your piano.
  • Determine what the keys are made of. to know How to clean piano keys Correctly, you need to know what it is made of (usually plastic, ebony or irony). Use a little milk on a rag to clean ivory keys, use gentle toothpaste on ebony keys, or vinegar with warm water can clean plastic keys.

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How to clean the piano: Caveats

  • Do not use a rough or dry cloth. As mentioned, use a slightly damp cloth. This will clean the piano without scratching it.
  • Don’t clean inside. You only need to clean the interior of the piano every 5-10 years. When it’s time to do this, make sure it’s done correctly by calling a professional (reputable) piano cleaner in your area.
  • Do not erase all keys at once. Avoid getting wet between keys by wiping each key simultaneously, up and down. A slightly damp cloth will also ensure that water does not seep into the cracks. Use a dry cloth to clean wet keys if necessary.

Remember that the best way to maintain a clean piano is to take preventative measures. So wash your hands before playing and keep the keys hidden under the cover. Use these strategies to How to clean the piano To ensure years of music industry quality!

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