How to NOT Look and Act Like an American Tourist in Germany: Tips to Follow!

Are you planning a trip to Germany? as a American tourist, theOne of the keys to staying safe and not getting sucked into tourist traps is to integrate with the culture. In other words, when you are in Germany, do what the Germans do.

Most American tourists don’t realize that there are certain things they wear that make them stick out like sore thumbs. A large backpack or fanny pack, for example, screams tourist.

But it’s not just what American tourists wear, it’s also what they say and do. Some gestures or greetings, for example, can easily be misunderstood.

Take the A-OK hand gesture. While in the United States, this gesture is accepted as an indication that someone is “ok” or “ok”, the gesture is actually considered vulgar in Germany.

So without further ado, let’s dive into some useful stuff American tourist Travel Tips!

What should I know before traveling to Germany?

American tourist

We’ll go into more detail below about everything you need to know as a file An American tourist in Germany. However, here’s a quick overview of eight of the best tips:

  • Avoid flashy American slogans
  • Do not ask for tap water
  • Watch where you walk
  • Leave your sneakers and slippers at home
  • Skip the short talk
  • don’t do drink too much
  • Respect other people’s privacy and personal space
  • Always keep the money for you

One of the best things you can do as a file American tourist in Germany It is language learning! Watch this video with some easy tips for learning German – and Subscribe to German lessons today:

How to prepare for a trip to Germany: follow these tips!

American tourist

As you can see, it is important to read about German customs and learn about the culture to avoid getting into a difficult situation.

How do you integrate with the locals? We interviewed several German travel bloggers to come up with a list of 10 tips and tricks on how to avoid posing as an American tourist in Germany.

1. Avoid flashy American slogans

“The key to not appearing as a stammering tourist in Germany, or anywhere in Europe for that matter, is to avoid wearing certain things that scream ‘I’m a tourist,'” said Cheryl Howard, travel expert and creator of

“First of all, avoid hilarious packages like the plague! Another tip is not to wear sports jerseys or baseball caps from a home sports team. If possible, also avoid wearing clothing from chain stores with large, recognizable logo placements.”

2. Do not ask for tap water

While in the United States It’s totally fine To order tap water in a restaurant, it’s an entirely different story in Germany. Yes, German tap water is perfectly safe to drink – but when eating out, Germans always drink bottled water with or without carbonation.

If you want to blend in with the locals and avoid staring at a German restaurant, don’t order the tap water.

3. Watch Where You Walk

Germans stick to obeying the rules of the road. And there is nothing they hate more than rambling pedestrians. In fact, German police have imposed heavy fines for breaching hiking laws.

“Germans drive on the right, which means walking and cycling is on the right as well. There are bike lanes, and you’d get run over if you were standing in them,” said Sarah Donovan of Dasher Life.

If you really want to stick around like a sore thumb, walk across the street when the pedestrian light is red – just don’t say we didn’t warn you.

4. Leave your sneakers and slippers at home

What is the surefire way to spot an American tourist? Just look at their feet! In the United States, it is common for men to wear high heel basketball sneakers, while women to wear slippers while running errands around town. However, Germans tend to wear darker, more elegant shoes.

While it is perfectly acceptable to wear flip-flops to the beach or sneakers while hiking, Germans would never consider wearing sneakers or flip-flops in the city. When traveling abroad, it is best to pack flats or loafers.

5. Skip the small talk

It is common in the United States for people to start a conversation with the postman or grocery clerk. However, Germans are not a big fan of chatting. While people will welcomeGood day(Good day) orGood evening(Good evening), You will rarely see Germans engaging in a short conversation and you will never hear them speak aloud.

“Try not to take it personally when people are being candid with you. If you belong to a more expressive or service-oriented culture, many of your public interactions (with, say, cashiers) will seem downright rude or downright rude!” says Tatiana Richards. Honeybot, an American expat living in Germany and creator of Tatiana en Flux.

“But not you. Germans tend not to soften words, and many of my German friends have told me that engaging in short conversation feels dishonest. So if you feel like you’ve received a cold shoulder, try not to become too bloated. Just say”Thank you all“(Or not) and keep moving!”

Not sure what to say instead? Subscribe to German lessons So you have the correct word or phrase to get rid of at any moment!

6. Don’t drink too much

While Germany may be home to delicious beers, that doesn’t mean you should drink too much. Being drunk in public is very frowned upon in Germany.

When a local sees a large group of boisterous people stumbling, they automatically think of tourists. And don’t even think about joining a Berlin club if you’re upset; These establishments are famous for their response to groups of drunken tourists.

7. Respect others’ privacy and personal space

Like Americans, Germans value their privacy and personal space. When waiting in line, avoid standing near people. You should be able to extend your arm to full length without touching the person in front of you.

Also, when you’re in a conversation, you’re expected to be at least an arm’s length away. If you are having a conversation with a German, don’t ask any personal questions about his job, her husband, or his income, as this is considered very rude.

8. Always keep the cash on you

Chances are that you will pick up some souvenirs during your trip. Before traveling to Germany – or any country for that matter – it is important to research whether the majority of stores prefer credit cards or cash. Otherwise it will be who – which An American tourist stops the whole queue because you don’t have any money.

‘Carry cash! Plastic won’t get you far in Germany. There are still many shops and restaurants that only accept cash, which makes it Germany’s favorite way to pay. Also, having a few coins comes in handy when you realize that most places require you to pay something. Between 50 and 70 cents to use the bathroom,” says Courtney Martin of Welcome to Germerica.

9. Try to learn the language

Don’t assume that everyone in Europe knows how to speak English. If you speak English out loud to concierges, shopkeepers, servers, and taxi drivers, this is a lethal boon that you are an American tourist and makes you more vulnerable to scams.

Make an effort to learn some common things German words and phrases, such as “please”, “thank you” and “do you speak English”. Learning German will not only help you fly under the radar but will also make your trip more enjoyable, as you don’t have to stumble through a travel dictionary every five seconds to look up a word.

10. Don’t flaunt your guide

Pulling up a large map or guidebook in the middle of a busy street is another way to make yourself relate as an American tourist.

Of course, not showing off your Germany guide always helps. If you use a guide guide, keep it hidden in a bag or handbag as often as you can. This way, you’ll avoid looking like a tourist. And as an added bonus, you might just find some interesting sights that You wouldn’t have seen it otherwise!” Sarah Jansen says of A Different Piece of Heaven.

10 more Germany Travel Tips – Etiquette And more!

American tourist

here more Advice for Americans traveling to Germany.

1. Don’t expect to pee for free!

This is one of the best travel tips for Germany – don’t expect to see a lot of public restrooms. Free public restrooms are so rare that bathroom breaks instead require you to cough up the equivalent of 50 cents or more.

2. On Sundays, activities are limited

Sunday is the day of rest – and this is especially true in Germany. You’ll find that most stores are closed on Sundays, and while some restaurants may still be open, you’ll have a hard time finding what you need.

3. Don’t be late

One way you will definitely stand out as a file American tourist in Germany It is if you are constantly late. Things are always on time here – even public transportation!

Germans are known to be punctual – so make sure you are.

4. Keep your voice low

This is another one of the best Tips when traveling to Germany – Don’t be too much of a gossip. It will be blatantly obvious that you American tourist If your voice often rises above the crowd.

Public transportation, in particular, is known for being exceptionally quiet. If you don’t keep your voice low, it will emerge as a sore thumb.

5. Nudity is good

In Germany there is more shame about being late and noise than being naked!

Nudity is the norm at many beaches and at many spas and saunas. This doesn’t mean you need to wear your birthday suit – just don’t expect anything else.

6. You can get group discounts for transportation

Germans believe in rewarding people for traveling in groups – you can often buy group tickets to save a lot of money. A three-day group ticket for a one-way bus trip is much less expensive than a single ticket, so be sure to weigh your options when planning your trip.

7. No Jaywalk

The Germans are incredibly opposed to hiking. Especially when there are kids around, hiking is a great way to make you scream – don’t do it.

8. Customer service is not the best

…at least, that’s not what we’re used to here in the states. Don’t expect to be greeted warmly and “the customer is always right”. This doesn’t mean Germans aren’t friendly – it’s just that the way customer service here is a lot different.

9. Recycle

There is little Countries that accept American tourists They are just as excited about recycling as Germany is – something that might surprise you when you visit there as an American tourist.

It makes sense to think that the Germans were pioneers in the world of recycling. Make sure you recycle instead of throwing away your soda bottle – you might get some dirty looks if you don’t!

10. Avoid smoking in public places

Here’s a final tip as a file American tourist in Germany – If you can avoid it, don’t smoke in public. This is prohibited in restaurants and cafes, and while some places have separate smoking rooms, patios and smoking clubs, this is not always the norm. Save the smoke for later.

Are you traveling to Germany for the first time? No problem!

American tourist

Here you are! 20 Top Germany Travel Tips Not to Look Like American tourist You really are.

Nothing wrong with being American tourist Of course – but it’s also important to learn how to integrate from time to time.

Following the above tips and tricks will help you blend in with the locals, which will not only protect you from scammers but also make your time in Germany more enjoyable. Safe trips!

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