How to Read Ukulele Tabs and Where to Find Them: A Beginner’s Guide

Do you want to learn some great songs on your ukulele? In this lesson, the ukulele teacher Willie M. Involved How to read ukulele signs And where to find ukulele tabs online for your favorite songs…

How to read ukulele signs For beginners

The great thing about ukulele tab notation is that it is very easy to learn to read. Once you learn the basic notes and symbols and practice playing them, you can practice them very quickly. Follow these simple steps to be well on your way to playing uke like a pro:

  • Learn basic notes
  • Understand other symbols
  • Practice playing to learn the rhythm and rhythm
  • Find ukulele tabs for different songs

Keep reading to learn how to master each of these steps!

Learn basic notes

The first step to How to read ukulele signs For beginners It is understanding 4 essential notes. The harp notation will look like four lines. Most of the tabs you will find online are for a guitar tuned to GCEA. if it was ukulele tuned For another tuning, the tab will usually say this, as you will see that the pitch for which each chord is tuned is located directly to the left of the tab.

The four lines of the tab represent four strings, As mentioned. It is represented from string G, being the bottom line of the tab, to string A, being the top line of the tab.

Here’s the rundown from bottom to top:

  • The bottom line or string is G.
  • The second line or string from the bottom is C.
  • The third line or string of the tab is E.
  • The top line or the top string is a.

When you see a number written on the tab, it indicates the concern that you are supposed to keep pressing when you pull up a note. Sometimes, you’ll see examples written like this:

ukulele signs

In this example, you’ll play the open C and E string, followed by playing the fifth string. Next, you’ll play the third, then the open C string. You can then play the third fret, then the second G string, followed by the open G and C string. The rest of the example is self-explanatory.

Understand other symbols

and you’re learning How to read ukulele signs, you may find that there are other symbols. These represent hammer, pulls, string bends, slides, and the like. While these are more common on guitar tabs, you may also find them on uke.

It is usually very easy to see what these symbols mean. The bend looks like a curved arrow pointing upwards, the hammer has a small “h” in the symbol, and the drag has a small “p” in the symbol! Slides are lines from one frit to the next, and vibrations are usually a zigzag after a note.

Learn more about these other icons (tabs) here!

Practice playing to learn the rhythm and rhythm

Once you learn the basics How to read ukulele signs And other iconsIt’s very easy to understand. You are now ready to start playing So you can practice what you’ve learned and start figuring out rhythm and tempo!

Sometimes you’ll find a tab written along with the musical note that gives you a good idea of ​​how the beat is played. Sometimes you may find a tab written with the rhythmic steps of the traditional musical notes written on top of the tab, without the accompanying musical note. Either way, they are simple ways to help you understand the rhythm of what you are looking at.

Find ukulele tags for different songs

Now, you are probably ready to start practicing what you have learned about it How to read ukulele signs! That’s why I did the research for you and found 8 sites where you can find ukulele tabs.

  • Perfect for beginners with a few tabs, but a lot of chord charts and videos
  • Lots of popular ukulele songs and a neat feature that allows you to turn the song into a key you want to play
  • Various tabs and chord charts for old songs from the twenties to the eighties
  • Another chord-heavy site, but the chord diagrams are also partially tabbed because it gives you the chords written between the chords (the chord diagrams with the lowercase “x” for the chords)
  • One of my favorites where you can find great chord charts
  • Provides most chord diagrams and tables on one printable sheet.
  • A site full of musical instruments and contains a lot of hit songs
  • Lots of ukulele tabs for almost any song you can imagine

I hope this guide for How to read ukulele signs For beginners And where to find it was helpful. For more help, I always recommend working with a file uke professional teacher. Enjoy!

Willie M

Willie M. teaches guitar, ukulele, and mandolin lessons in Winston, North Carolina. He is the author of the Dead Man’s Tuning series of mandolin books and a former member of the American Federation of Musicians. Willie has been teaching for 20 years, and his students have ranged in age, from toddlers to people in their 80s. Learn more about Willie.

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