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One of the most written Korean dramas of all time, “Prison Guide” championship hye soo parkAnd Jung Hye InAnd Jung Kyung HoAnd Choi Moo SungAnd park ho sanAnd Lee Kyu hyungAnd Kim Sung CheolAnd Young Soo Young, and a host of other great artists, is a masterpiece, to say the least, which is why.


on its surface “Prison Guide” It is a guide to prison life where we meet a cast of colorful and intricate characters and pick up some unforgettable life lessons on the way. However, what is often overlooked is that drama is a piece of cinematic genius with very specific and intentional storytelling tools, a unified narrative structure, and a consistent, dependable, and unchanging perspective. The latter is the key to understanding the raw essence of the story.

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No talk about the end “Prison Guide” He put forward one of two answers: either it is seen as disappointing and leaves a few loose ends and on the other hand it is open to interpretation. However, I’d argue it’s neither of those two. “Prison Guide” It follows Kim Je-hyeok, a brilliant baseball player who nonetheless has to spend time in prison for assaulting a man who sexually molested his sister. When I say follow up, I mean every implied connotation of the word because the drama religiously maintains Kim Je-hyeok as the center of the story’s universe. In other words, we see what he sees and when he’s left in the dark, so do we.

This is one of the main reasons why it doesn’t give us “closure” per se, when it comes to the majority of characters. This does not mean, however, that his personality is of paramount importance in the scheme of larger things. In fact, importance is distributed according to Je-hyeok’s reactions to his environment. It is not surprising, then, that Joon-ho (Jung Kyung Ho) and Ji-ho (Young Soo Young) holds central importance in the narrative.

At the end of the day, we hardly know if KAIST (park ho san) or d.jung min seungdid well in their new prisons, whether Han YangLee Kyu hyung(Reconcile with Ji Won)Kim Joon Han), or if Min-cheol (Choi Moo Sung) and his wife, daughter and Jean Valjean (Kang Seung YoonAnd they lived happily ever after. Although painfully unsatisfied, we do not see Captain Yu (Jung Hye In) To restore his legitimate freedom and get out of prison. We see Gilbird (Kim Sung Cheol) However, because Je-hyeok keeps him by his side. as, “Prison Guide” He basically stays true to his hypothesis even if he’s not perfect, which makes him smarter and smarter. This is not a story for people but rather a story of Kim Je-hyeok not there to satisfy the needs of the audience but rather to make them a part of an experience.

Another excellent narration style “Prison Guide” It channels the audience’s emotions by giving us a linear story with big gaps, letting viewers feel exactly what the inmates of Seobu Prison are feeling. Prisoners are often moved without prior notice or placed in different cells. Likewise, characters are suddenly taken out of focus and brought back at random intervals or eliminated indefinitely.

The uncertainty that always exists in prison is imitated in a world “Prison Guide”. We never know when we’ll see a character last time and we’re equally surprised when they come back. In this way, viewers become a reflection of the art they are consuming. Needless to say, this is a masterful stroke of genius that speaks volumes about the value of drama, both to the K-drama industry and to the world at large. So, if you haven’t watched “Prison Guide” So far, you are really and honestly missing out.

by Ishani Sarkar


“Prison Guide” directed by Sin Won Ho, written by Jeong Bo Hoon – IAnd Lee Woo Jeong Iand features hye soo parkAnd Song Dong IlAnd Jung Jae SungAnd Lee Ho CheolAnd Choi Moo SungAnd park ho san. Broadcasting information in Korea: 2017/11/22 ~ 2018/01/18, Wed, Thu 21:30 on tvN.


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