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It’s the new year and there are countless reasons to be excited about the big event of ’22. One of these is the fact that the Korean entertainment industry already boasts an impressive slate of Korean dramas that are coming out in the next couple of months. From romances to thrillers, and melodramas to comedies, 2022 has it all. Here are the top 10 couples to look forward to in 2022!


Park Min Young “Korean Actress” And Song Kang in a “KMA People: A Cruelty Romance Office”

Park Min Young “Korean Actress” And Song Kang They will appear together in the workplace romance drama “KMA People: A Cruelty Romance Office”, which premiered in the first half of 2022. With the actors famous for their passion for expressing love (in their dramas), this couple will surely give us all the butterflies we could ask for.

Ahn Hyo Seop And Kim Sejong in a “Business Proposal”

“Business Proposal” It tells the story of a blind proposal turned history, with false identities throughout. the Ahn Hyo Seop And Kim Sejong Not only will the couple be a visual treat for the eyes, they will also leave you in a state of perfect fit for their comedic timing.

Lee Jong Suk And Yuna in a “big mouth”

Lee Jong SukThe big return to the small screen is undoubtedly highly anticipated. The fact that he will marry one of the most beloved actresses, Yuna, increases the excitement of himself even more. Lee Jong Suk He will play the role of a lawyer who errs as a fraud and Yuna He will play his wife, the nurse, who is trying to clear his name.

Kim Jae Wook And Young Soo Young in a “Crazy Love – 2022”

It was 2021 for sure Young Soo YoungA year with many projects where she demonstrated incredible acting skills. In 2022, it will cooperate with Kim Jae Wook For a romantic thriller, “Crazy Love – 2022”It will tell the story of a notoriously narcissistic academic and his meek secretary. We can’t wait to see chemistry on display!

jung ki song And Shin Hyun Bin in a Youngest son of the chaebol family.

Both jung ki song And Shin Hyun Bin They gave us one of their best shows in 2021 with “Vencenzo” And “reflection of you” Respectively and in 2022, the pairing will be for Youngest son of the chaebol family.Fantasy revenge drama. We can already say that the K-Drama couple will be creative.

Seo Hyun Jin And Hwang In Yeop in a “Why Oh Soo Jae?”

One of the most awaited romantic dramas of 2021 is “Why Oh Soo Jae?”, championship Seo Hyun Jin And Hwang In Yeop in leadership roles. The drama will touch on issues of justice, mental health, and self-love through the unexpected relationship between two people from very different walks of life. It will be interesting to see how their story ends.

Kang Daniel And Chai Su Bin in a “rookie police”

After dominating the K-pop industry, Kang Daniel You will officially set foot in the world of Korean drama with “rookie police” Together with the talented actress Chai Su Bin. The drama will tell the sweet love story of two young police university students as they navigate infatuation along with the responsibilities of their careers. “rookie police” The premiere is scheduled for late January 2022.

Nam Joo Hyuk And Kim Tae Ri in a “Twenty-five and twenty-one”

the Nam Joo Hyuk And Kim Tae Ri The couple is a dream come true, to say the least. They will appear together in the romantic drama, full of youthful enthusiasm and passion “Twenty-five and twenty-one” To depict the maturity and innocence of love at its best. The whole world is eagerly waiting for this drama which is scheduled to be shown in February 2022.

park joo hyun And Chae Jong Hyeop in a Speed ​​is 493 km.

The popularity of sports dramas has been at an all-time high lately, and when you combine genre and romance, you get the perfect blend of success. park joo hyun And Chae Jong Hyeop Both are incredibly likable rising stars and it would be refreshing to see them as potential clients on screen.

Seo In Guk And Oh Yeon Seo in a “Minamdang – status note”

A mystery thriller/police and romantic comedy in one, “Minamdang – status note” He is the best in all the world. Both Seo In Guk And Oh Yeon Seo Incredibly charming and the hilarious introduction to the story is well suited to its sensibility. She is expected to be kind-hearted and meaningful at the same time. “Minamdang – status note” It is said to be broadcast in the first half of 2022.

by Ishani Sarkar


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