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It’s been 2 years and it’s still a pandemic birthday for me! It’s very sad but I still have more things to be grateful for.

Due to this pandemic, there are many events that have been canceled or postponed. Just like my plans…

Yesterday, December 4th, is my birthday. Honestly, since I was little, my birthday was just a normal day for me. I never felt it was special because I never remembered her partying with my parents, and it always reminded me of a broken promise.

But as I got older, I learned to celebrate it because I can only do it once a year. When I was in the Philippines, my friends would usually meet at my house and eat together. I missed those days when they would bring food for my birthday.

After I left the Philippines for Korea, I’ve never had the same celebration. In Korea, birthdays are just normal days except for those who celebrate their first birthday, 60, 70, 80. I also didn’t try to have a simple birthday party at home with my K family because my husband isn’t always at home. So I used to eat out with close friends.

This year, I planned to have a lunch date with friends, but the Corona outbreak from my son’s school showed up. The day before my plan, my son’s school called on all parents to pick up the kids as soon as possible because one of them tested positive. The alerts from the school were nonstop and they asked us to take the corona test as soon as possible. We took the corona test on December 2nd and got the result the next day. Although we are negative, we remain cautious because the numbers who tested positive rose to 6 people.

We are not in quarantine although we are under observation for up to 10 days. We are allowed to go out but we have to avoid crowded places as much as possible. Going back to my birthday story, I didn’t invite anyone to avoid contact with other people and I made something to eat with my son. A friend of mine sent a birthday cake so I don’t need to go out and buy anymore.

To make this Pandemic Christmas a little special, I hung a Christmas lantern I used during my husband’s birthday. My son told me to set up the little table, to call his dad so we could sing happy birthday everyone and take some photos for memory. I also received a lot of compliments from friends and family online.

Despite being isolated, I am still grateful for the many things that have happened in my life especially in the past few years. In my 36 years of being in this world, I’ve learned a lot from my mistakes, struggles, and experiences. Because of that, I became stronger and bolder. I thank God for the guidance and for all the blessings he has given. My life isn’t perfect but I’m grateful for everything I have.

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Celebrating a birthday during this pandemic is a big deal, but there are so many ways to make this day special and memorable. So don’t be sad and keep celebrating!

Xoxo, Hyejin

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