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News bites: January 15, 2022

Anupam Tripathi, Oh Young Soo

  • Congratulations to our gganbu Oh Young Soo (squid game) who won a Golden Globe last week for Best Supporting Actor, Television! squid game Already celebrating some victories in the past year (Gotham Awards, HMMA, AFI Awards, and People’s Choice Awards) the excitement is high for the recently announced nominations at both the Screen Actors Guild Awards and Critics’ Choice Television Awards. [Xports News, Yonhap News, YTN]
  • New series from Netflix bye bye earth (Also known as The fool at the end of the worldThey announced their main lineup: Yo Ah In (destined to perish), Ahn Eun Jin (The one and only), Jeon Seung Woo (Homemade love story), And Kim Eun Hye (Vincenzo). Directed by Kim Jin Min (My nameAnd no class(with texts by Jung Sung-joo)I heard it through vineAnd secret love affair), a sci-fi drama that explores what happens when an asteroid is about to bring the end of the world to Earth in 200 days. [10 Asia]

Ahn Eun Jin, Yoo Ah In, Jeon Seung Woo, Kim Yoon Hee

  • After the shows made last summer, Kim Woo Bin (Uncontrollably fond) And Esom (taxi driverThey confirmed the Netflix drama black knight with Kang Yoo Seok (no class) also join the cast. Film director Jo Eui-seok will lead the production.golden sleep). [MBC]
  • the actor Hyo Sung Tae (squid game) joins Kang Hanul And Lee Yoo Young In JTBC’s new thriller drama from the inside. Directed by PD Min Young-hong (Missing: the other side(Written by Moon Man-se)a priest), the story revolves around a secret operation that goes awry.
  • tvN’s new revenge melodrama Eve It will be starring the actors Lee Sang Yeob (about to go crazy) And Seo Ye-ji (It’s okay not to be okay). It is currently being planned to broadcast at the end of 2022, and PD Park Bong-seop has been attached directly. [YTN]
  • yuk sung jae (Mystic Pop Up Bar) And Jung Chae Yoon (King’s Emotion) is paired up in a new version of the webtoon on MBC called golden spoon. An adventure story about two friends who exchange destinies, the drama is currently in the planning stages. [Newsen]
  • Im Shi Wan (Tracer) And Seolhyun (get up) Both were shown in summer strike (working title), new drama Prince of coffee Directed by Lee Yeon Jung. The story will be based on a popular website called I don’t want to do anything. [Sports Chosun]
  • After a successful first season, Sweet Home 2 well and actor Oh Jong Se (uncle) is considering an offer to join the cast in the new second season. [JTBC]
  • Channel S has a new talk show called attack on granny Premieres January 25, hosted by veteran actors Kim Young Ok (JirisanAnd squid game), By Moon Hee (Navillera), And Park Jong-soo (mother of mine). (Side note: I love Kim Young-ok’s cool look with a green beanie!) [Newsen]

Park Jong-soo, Kim Young-ok, Na Moon-hee

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