Jeon Jong-seo and Jin Seon-kyu to Star in TVING Original ‘Ransom’ @ HanCinema

Actors Jeon Jong-seo and Jin Seon-kyu will appear in the original TVING series “Ransom”.


Based on a short film of the same name, “Ransom” is a disaster-thriller that unfolds after a major earthquake hits a building where ransom bargaining for various reasons took place. It depicts the merciless struggle of human beings to survive in the chaos created by complete disconnection from the outside world.

The original short film “Ransom” drew attention for its repeated reversal and unconventional development. It is a film production that swept the film festival by winning the 11th Paris Korean Film Festival Best Short Film Award, the 14th Asiana International Short Film Festival Special Award for Domestic Competition Judges and the 15th Mise en Scene Short Film Festival Best Film Award.

In order to revive the beauty of the original work, it is expected that each episode will be filmed with a one-take technique, which will provide unconventional and different fun. Director Jeon Woo-sung-Iwho was recognized for his outstanding directing skills, will be in charge of directing, scripting and filming director Kim Young-ho-III will join.

Jin Seon-kyu plays the role of No Hyeong-soo, who is caught up in an unexpected crisis while bargaining for a ransom. Jeon Jong-seo will be in charge of Park Joo-yeong, a bargaining expert who does not care who her subjects are.


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