Ji Sung, Twin Brothers in ‘Adamas’ @ HanCinema

the actor Ji Sung Challenges to play two roles.


tvN Drama “Adamas” is the story of the twin brothers Ha Woo Shin (Ji Sungand Song Soo HyunJi Sung) fight the giant evil hiding behind an incident that occurred 22 years ago to clear the name of their biological father. The brothers face the fact that the culprit who killed their stepfather when they were children is their biological father. Having faced the circumstances in which their father, who is framed and sentenced to death, was exposed, they pursue the authority that tried to hide and conceal this incident.

Ji Sung Bestselling mystery novel writer Woo Shin and Special Prosecutor Soo Hyun play the Central District Prosecutor’s Office. The brothers approach their father with different points of view to get rid of the false accusation. Ji Sung He will accurately express the brother’s story based on his strong acting skills.

Seo Ji Hee He plays an active role as Woo-shin’s assistant. Hee Eun Hye-soo, the wife of the eldest son of Haesung Group. Even before she becomes the daughter-in-law of a large corporation, she is the only precious child of a hospital director. Due to a series of accidents, she rebelled against Haesong’s group and secretly aided Woo-shin.

Lee Soo Kyung I He plays the role of TNN Social Media Reporter Kim Seo-hee. She is someone who hides secrets that the twin brothers cannot tell. She can’t stand the injustice and has trouble writing something about it. The reason for the pursuit of justice is related to the twin brothers.

Directed by Park Seung Woo Drama “Cairo” (2020) and writing Choi Tae KangAnd “Adamas” It will be shown for the first time in the second half of the year.


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