Jin Jae-young Taking Some Time Off @ HanCinema

the actor Jin Jae Young Her condition occurred.


On the tenth day Jin Jae Young She posted a picture taken in the car on her Instagram. Jin Jae Young She said, “Weekends are always disappointing. The new year has begun and a week has already passed. I’ve been training again these days and spending every day looking for things to be healthy,” she said.

“I have tightened up on new plans and resolutions at the beginning of every new year, but I can be happy without making any plans. I think it is the first time I am relaxed. So these days everything is always the same looks new and happy and besides, Life is too short. Let’s work even harder and be happy this year,” she wrote.

in the picture, Jin Jae Young Lying in the car and looking at the camera. Jin Jae Young He smiles brightly and boasts a refined beauty.

at the same time, Jin Jae Young She made her debut in a commercial in 1995 and has appeared in several dramas.


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