JTBC in Stagnant Mode, Will It Bounce Back up? @ HanCinema

The dramas aired by JTBC last year remained bitter and struggled in terms of ratings. Especially, Sisyphus: The Legend ambitiously presented as a special plan for JTBC’s 10th anniversary, it failed to achieve success due to poor CG and unfriendly development despite the positive performance of the cast.


“reflection of you” Which drew attention due to Koo Hyun Joong’s return and meeting the popular actor Shin Hyun Bin, also showed a somewhat disappointing performance in the ratings despite the outstanding directing and great acting of the actors. The same is true for “Lost” championship Jeon Do Yeonwho returned to drama after five years and Lee Young Ae‘s “Inspector Ko” who returned after four years.

These works received positive reviews as a “well-made” drama in terms of completeness, but the ratings were not. Drama like “however”And “Go on with your life”And “Idol: The Coup” And “The one and only” It has 0% viewership ratings.

The past of winning the unbeaten box office title shook the home theater through Itaewon class And “The World of the Married” In 2020 overwhelmed.

As if aware of this situation, JTBC expresses a strong will to attract both popularity and operability this year. Son Ye Jin And Jeon Mi Do star in “Thirty nine” As the first Wednesday-Thursday drama in 2022.

Romantic drama in the workplace “Love and Weather Predictions”, in which Song Kang And Park Min Young “Korean Actress” It is represented in, viewers expect. Kang Ha Neul, which shows perfect digestion of character in every action, back to the action suspense “inside”, While Lee Yoo Won And choo ja hyun Present Green Mothers Club which depicts a dangerous network of local parents.

moreover, yum jung ah And Jeon So Min They also attract attention because the relief jugs of JTBC, “Cleaning”, which depicts the desire of the three stock market cleaners who got into a stock war and Youngest son of the chaebol family., championship jung ki songAnd Lee Seung Min And Shin Hyun Bin These are some of the most anticipated acts of the year.

Viewers are looking forward to seeing if JTBC, which showed a large number of high-quality works last year, will be able to capture the hearts of the audience with works that transcend perfection to popularity.


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