Jung Chae-yeon to Lead Star in ‘Gold Spoon’ With Yook Sung-jae @ HanCinema

DIA Member and Actress Jung Chae Yoon starring “golden spoon”.


“golden spoon” It is based on the Naver Webtoon of the same name. It’s the adventure of a boy who stumbles across a magical golden spoon that allows him to swap with his wealthy parents for another boy. The drama raises the question of whether it is possible to change money and family and which of the two can be close to happiness.

Jung Chae Yoon Plays a leading role with yuk sung jae Who plays Lee Seung-cheon, a student who dreams of changing the course of his life with a golden spoon.

The performance of the Jung Chae Yoon Highly anticipated as she has shown steady acting in many dramas on Netflix and KBS 2TV.


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