Jung Il-Woo ‘Healing’ 2022 Season’s Greetings

I open the box of Jung Il-woo ‘Healing’ greetings for the 2022 season that I received as a birthday gift from a friend. I am a super kellig!

Last time, I posted a joke that I wanted something for my birthday. Then a friend of mine wrote a comment “Go!” She would give it to me as a gift. I thought she was kidding because I know the price is no joke. But she said she was serious about it.

The gift I’m talking about is Jung Il-woo’s Healing Greetings for 2022 season. I’ve been a fan of Jung Il-woo since 2012 and I have a few collections of it like photo cards, magazines, key ring etc. But I never get the season’s compliments because I have other priorities. But thanks to my dear friend she gave me something that makes me very excited.

Let’s check and see what’s inside the package.

Greetings from Jung Il-Woo ‘Healing’ for 2022 season

Jung Il-woo posted behind-the-scenes photos of the 2022 season greetings on his YouTube channel, 1 1 우 (ONEDAYILWOO). According to the video, the calendar photos were taken in Busan. I have never visited Busan, but I am looking forward to visiting the place one of these days especially after the epidemic is over.

What is inside?

Season’s greetings come with an outer box, calendar, foldable sticker, phone strap, quick ribbon, tin can, embroidery badge, and photo card set.

outer box

Outer box contains a neon green print of “Jung Il Woo Healing 2022 Season’s Greetings” in a size W330 x H215 x D40mm.


Jung Il-woo’s season greeting this time has the theme of “Healing”. The images are light, simple and natural. Something can make you smile in one look. The calendar contains 13 images including the cover photo.

foldable poster

I won’t deny that the foldable poster made my heart skip a beat. I love photography and design. The size is not too big and not too small. The font size of the dates is also readable.

Phone strap and snap strap

Season’s greetings to Jung Il-woo comes with a phone strap and snap band as well. I love the phone strap it is a useful thing for me. During the surprise band, I think I’d wear it if I could join his fan meeting or event. You need to hold it for a while so you don’t get any damage.

Tin box (embroidery badge and photocard set)

Package also includes a tin box that includes an embroidery badge and a photocard inside. I’ll use the tin can to hold my Jung Il-woo photo cards.

Where do you buy it?

Jung Il-woo’s Greetings for the 2022 season is available on KRIBBIT for 45,000 won (excluding shipping). International shipping is also available but delivery fees may vary depending on destination and weight.


Firstly, I am very grateful to my friend who gave me compliments of this Il-woo season. I really love it and will use it (I hope) and keep it. Since I’m a fan of Il-woo, I’m not sure if I can write anything in the calendar because I usually write my important notes in it. I might show it on my desk but I wouldn’t write anything on it to keep it clean.

Also, while checking the photos in the calendar, it occurred to me to do some twin photoshoots with Il-woo costumes. I tried to copy this denim jacket and white shirt pattern but can’t find my regular shirt so I put on the one I got from Seoul brand.

What is your opinion? Is it cool or not?

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Xoxo, Hyejin

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