Kang Daniel’s First Step as An Actor @ HanCinema

how it’s going to be Kang DanielA former member of the group Wanna One who has completed his youth?


Kang Daniel He expressed his feelings about taking his first step as an actor through Disney+ on the twelfth. Drama word “rookie police” is a “passion” adding, “I felt like I entered someone’s life, not mine. There is a magical power to acting that is different from theater,” he noted. “I was nervous because it was my first time acting and it was an unfamiliar scene, but I enjoyed filming with the help of various staff and actors,” he hinted. He said, “Wei Seung Hyun is a hot-blooded person who does not tolerate injustice,” adding, “He looks careless but has an unexpected warmth. I even tried to use my body normally because I was good at fighting,” he added.

“rookie police”, which will be revealed on the twenty-sixth, depicts the lives of young people who are neither afraid nor answerable, but full of spirit. Seung-hyeon is someone with a unique sense of justice and a brilliant mind. His dream is to be a great police officer like his father (Chang Min’s voice). He entered the police university as a senior student and dreamed of going down a hard road, but he is connected to an unexpected accident with Go Eun-gang (Chai Su Bin). It will show the energy of youth as they head towards dreams.

The production team said, “His enthusiasm for acting is great, and it will be an opportunity to be discovered Kang DanielHis new charm. Teamwork with him Chai Su Bin And other new students at Police University are also perfect.”


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