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Kim Haneul, Kim Sung-ryung, and Lee Hye-young compete in tvN’s Kill Heel

As we head towards premiere week, tvN has released more promos for Kill Heel Including a new poster, stills, and a video teaser.

Taking a behind-the-scenes look at the industry behind home shopping channels, the story explores the fierce competition between three ambitious hosts who want to rise higher in their careers and achieve greater success.

Leading this rivalry is Kim Haneul (18 Again), whose character Woo-hyun struggles with being labeled as “satisfactory” and a safe choice. Worried about losing her position altogether, she is desperate to climb higher in the ranks and become a top host.

On the other hand, the channel’s legendary Mo-ran, played by Lee Hye-young (Lawless Attorney), is now vice-president after a successful career as a host. However, she has one more goal that she wants to achieve, and has already begun scheming to make it a reality.

last but not least, Kim Sung-ryung (Are You Human Too) takes on the role of Ok-sun. She’s the woman who seems to have everything: family, wealth, beauty, and career success as the face of the shopping channel. Internally, though, she’s crumbling, and struggles with feelings of emptiness.

The new short teaser begins with a sober-faced Kim Haneul getting ready for the show. The captions repeat her voiceover: “There’s nowhere else I can go now. I’m going to get what I want.” We then jump to Kim Sung-ryung who is also prepping before the show. Although her face is smiling, her inner thoughts reveal a different emotion: “Like I said, life is always waiting to come at me from behind my back.” As the two sit to get their hair and makeup done, the teaser comes to a close with Lee Hye-young entering the room. Lee pushes through the curtains behind them and declares, “A line that shouldn’t be crossed? Why is that decided by you?”

Directed by P.D. Noh Do-chul (Investigation Couple 2) and written Shin Kwang-ho and Lee Chun-woo, Kill Heel premieres next week on February 23.

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