Kim Hee-jung-I to Star in New IHQ Drama ‘Sponsor’ @ HanCinema

Actress Kim Hee-jung-I Continues her hard work with the drama “Sponsor”.


“Sponsor”a special drama on the opening of the IHQ drama channel, is a romance between four men and women who seek sponsors who will satisfy their desires regardless of means to get what they want.

Kim Hee-jung-I plays the role of Park Da-hye, the younger sister of Park Da-som (Ji E-suu) and an employee of a beauty product development team. Expectations are high for Kim Hee-jung-Iwho will play as Park Da-hye, who is known to be an important link between major characters and events, as she has shown colorful generously with her outstanding character digestibility in each work.

Meanwhile, Kim Hee-jung-I recently played the role of nurse Kim in the TVING original “Hip-hop Medical Sitcom – EMERGENCY” and completed her fantastic chemistry with the actors with her agile acting. Currently, she is starring in the SBS TV show “Kick A Goal”, showing off a new charm by catching the eyes of viewers with extraordinary passion and skills. Attention is focusing on what Kim Hee-jung-Iwho is active in various fields, will show in the new drama “Sponsor”.

“Sponsor”starring Kim Hee-jung-I, Han Chae-young, Koo Ja-sung, Lee Ji-hoon and Ji E-suuwill air simultaneously on the IHQ drama channel and MBN at 11 PM every Wednesday and Thursday, starting with the first broadcast on February 23rd.


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