Kim Kap-soo From ‘Hot Blooded’, ‘Jung Woo Is Very Hardworking, I Wasn’t Wrong’ @ HanCinema

Actor Kim Kap-soo complimented Jung Woohis co-star in “Hot Blooded”.


“Hot Blooded” had an online presentation conference on the 21st. Director Cheon Myeong-gwan and actors Jung Woo, Kim Kap-soo, Choi Moo-sung, Ji Seung-hyun and Lee Hong-nae were present.

Kim Kap-soo said about Jung Woo“He’s very hardworking. He is capable of digesting any kind of character. He has character and a humane one. That’s why I like him.”

He continued, “I starred in a drama with him before but never met him in a scene. After having worked with him in “Hot Blooded”, I can say that my eyes did not fool me. He helped me act comfortably on set.”

“Hot Blooded” is about a man born and raised in the outskirts of Busan who gets involved in a gangster war for survival. It is to premiere on the 23rd of March.


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