Kim Nam-gil’s Comeback in 3 Years with ‘Through the Darkness’ @ HanCinema

the actor Kim Nam Gil yields.


Friday and Saturday drama on SBS, “Through the Dark” Coming for the first time on the 14th, is a psychological criminal investigation drama that depicts a South Korean first detective who searches ferociously into the minds of serial killers at the height of evil in the days of heightened motivation. It is expected to be the first must-watch drama in 2022.

Kim Nam Gil He plays Song Ha-yeong, a criminal behavior analyst in the drama. Song Ha-yeong doesn’t seem to have any feelings at first glance, but he’s actually the first editor in Korea to delve deeper into others than anyone else.

Kim Nam Gil, who played the main character Kim Hae-il in “Fiery Priest” which recorded a maximum viewership of 22%, caused an exploding syndrome. Expectations are high for “Through the Dark” Which he chose as his habit to the small screen for the first time about three years ago.

Kim Nam Gil It is expected to fully meet these public expectations once again. Every content released, such as teaser videos, posters, and still images, has a strong appeal. moreover, Kim Nam GilThe acting and the aura that has changed to suit the criminal psychological investigation genre is also impressive.

“Through the Dark” The show will start at 10 PM on the 14th.


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