Korean Drama Update for December 2021

I had a lot of year-end stuff to work on for the blog in December, so I only completed one drama, but it was fine. It was the romantic comedy Yumi’s Cells that I got into This month:

Korean Drama Daily Cells - Kim Joo Eundaily cells

Yumi’s Cells is a very cute and cute drama. It focuses on the dating life of our leading Yumi lady and all the issues that come up. The story is told in a light and mostly humorous way that makes it easy to watch.

The unique thing about the drama is the depiction of Yumi’s brain cells. We see a moving world of cells that live in a city in her brain. Many of the thought processes that occur were depicted in a clever way that I felt was relatable.

I liked the main story and the romance between Yumi and Woong very much. Although I didn’t like everything about the cells, they did add an interesting layer to the story that was very unique. It’s a very nice series that manages to present a simple relationship story in an interesting way. (daily cell review)

So how was December for you?

Watching drama Happy everyone!

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