Korean Dramas Starting Today 2022/01/14 in Korea @ HanCinema

Korean drama starting today 01/14/2022 in Korea: “Through the Dark” And Dr. Parks Clinic


“Through the Dark” (2022)

Directed by Bo Ram Park

written by Sol Yi Na

Network: SBS

with Kim Nam GilAnd Jin Seon KyuAnd ReyunAnd Kim Soo JinAnd Lee Dae YeonAnd Kim Won Hee, …

16 episodes – Friday, Saturday 22:00
“Through the Dark” It is a crime-thriller drama based on the web novel of the same name and containing the field experience of Kwon Il-yong, the premiere photographer in Korea.

Dr. Parks Clinic (2022)

Directed by Seo Jun Bum

written by Seo Jun Bum

Network: TVING

with Lee Seo JinAnd Ran Mi RanAnd Cha Chung-hwaAnd Shin Eun JongAnd Kim Kwang KyuAnd jung hyung suk i am, …

A realistic comedy depicting the “funny and sad” life of an ill-advised junior doctor.


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