‘Korean Is Not a Barrier’, K Contents Overseas Landing Operation @ HanCinema

As K-content rapidly expands its reach to overseas markets, the method of production is rapidly changing. Instead of obscure localization strategies like featuring Hallyu stars who speak fluent English, they create content that focuses on Korean colors or produce content that resembles American dramas at first.


Studio Dragon is producing a 10-part drama “The Big Door Prize” in collaboration with the famous American production company Sky Dance Media. It is based on the original novel of the same name and was written by Emmy Award-winning author David West Reed. It will be broadcast on Apple TV+, an online video service (OTT) operated by global information technology (IT) company Apple. “The Big Door Prize” is the first American drama in which a Korean production company participates, and it is not a remake. In addition, we are working on more than 20 global projects,” Studio Dragon said, adding, “We are preparing to attract investments for about 10 global platforms.”

Until 2010, K-content’s overseas expansion method was a joint venture. It sought to expand the market in partnership with China or Japan. An example is “my way” (2011), starring the Chinese star Fan Bingbingfamous japanese actor Joe Odagiri and hallyu star Jang Dong Gun. “ice hole” (2013) tried to attract audiences abroad by casting a large number of American and British actors, including Chris Evans And Tilda Swinton.

But recently, the production method to attract famous actors abroad has disappeared. the movie “parasite”Netflix Drama “squid game”, And “Destined to perish” They broke a series of “one inch barriers” (subtitles). There was confidence that overseas audiences are familiar with the Korean language and feel free to watch K contents with subtitles. “In the past, choosing a Korean wave star who can speak English was considered the beginning of a global project,” said a drama official, adding, “Now content targeting any platform has become an important factor.”


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