Korean Movie Opening Today 2022/01/05 in Korea @ HanCinema

The opening of the Korean film today 01/05/2022 in Korea: “police lineage” (2020)


Directed by Lee Kyu Man

with Cho Jin WoongAnd Choi is imminentAnd park hee soonAnd Kwon YulAnd Park Myung-HoonAnd Lee Eul, …

Min Jae, a cop from generation to generation, is ordered to secretly investigate Kang Yoon, the leader of the distinguished investigation team. Min Jae has been appointed as a member of Kang Yoon’s team. Min Jae believes that “if the police does an illegal act even if it happens during the investigation process, he is also a criminal.” But as Min-jae investigates Kang-yoon, he begins to resemble Kang-yoon who believes that “the pursuit of crime should be justified even if it is illegal.” Will Min Jae be able to clear his own mission and arrest Kang Yeon whom he trusts and cherishes?

Release date in Korea: 01/05/2022


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