Learn Violin Online With These Websites and Resources

When you’re learning violin, it’s always a good idea to have some helfpul websites bookmarked to help you practice and learn between your lessons. Here, music instructor Julie P. shares 20+ websites that will help you learn violin online…

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Are you interested in learning the violin? There are a variety of resources available online to help you get started. You can find almost anything you want to know about the violin online, including information about equipment, playing technique, music theory, and inspirational videos.

In this blog post, we’ll share some of our favorite websites and apps for learning the violin. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, these resources can help you improve your skills. So grab your violin and let’s get started!

If you want to learn violin online, there are TONS of resources available. You can find almost anything you want to know about the violin online, including information about equipment, playing technique, music theory, and inspirational videos. We picked out some of our favorite sites that we recommend to help you on your violin-learning journey!

Bookmark these sites for easy access, and let us know which ones you like best!

Can I Teach Myself the Violin?

learn violin online

Is it possible to learn violin online – and to teach yourself how to do it? You just need the right resources, such as:

  • Online violin lessons
  • Violin YouTube videos
  • Violin sheet music
  • Games to help you learn violin online in a fun, approachable way
  • Tuning tools
  • Virtual violin players

Whether you have a formal violin teacher or not, technically, everyone is self-taught. You have to find it within you to practice and to get fully acquainted with your violin as an expert violinist. Of course, taking lessons can always help – as can watching videos.

The Internet can definitely help too!

Certain online resources, like the one below, will help you learn in a more realistic, hands-on way about how to play the violin. Below, you’ll learn how to identify parts of the violin, crucial as you learn violin online or from an in-person instructor

How to Learn Violin Online: 5 Free Resources

learn violin online

Can you learn to play violin online? Absolutely. Later in this post, we’ll tell you about all kinds of games and interactive videos you can find on the Internet to help you learn violin online. But first, consider these top five websites to help you learn the violin online in a more structured way.

1. FiddlerMan

learn violin online

FiddlerMan has a number of different resources for beginner to intermediate violinists. He even has a special section devoted to people who have never touched a violin before.

Bookmark the site to access video tutorials, and resources on music theory and playing technique. Fiddlerman also has an online violin and fiddle tuner, a blog, and lots of violin sheet music.

2. Violinonline

learn violin online

This site has tons of articles with pictures on how to care for your instrument, posture, playing basics, practice tips, and more. It’s very user-friendly and easy to navigate.

3. Violin From Scratch

learn violin online

As soon as you get to this site, you’re greeted with a message from Deborah, the site creator and experienced violinist. Deborah shares the encouraging message that you can learn violin, even with no musical experience.

Besides, the positive welcome message, Violinfromscratch has free beginner articles and a paid violin video course.

4. Violin Tutor Pro

learn violin online

Tons of free videos and articles from a team of teachers and enthusiasts. There are video lessons and you can subscribe to receive daily violin tips.

Violin Tutor Pro is fantastic for beginner, intermediate, and advanced violin and fiddle students.

5. Beginner Violin Tips

learn violin online

Beginner Violin Tips provides a step-by-step guide for a first-time violin learner. The guide includes everything from equipment, care and maintenance, sheet music, and violin accessories.

You can also browse tips on various violin-related topics, and read articles on violin technique on the blog.

How to Learn Violin Online Free with Online Violin Lessons

learn violin online

Here are some great resources that have fantastic online lessons you can use to practice your violin skills.

1. YouTube

YouTube playlists like the one above are an excellent place to find free lessons and tutorials on a variety of exercises and techniques.

2. Violin Lab

learn violin online

Violin Lab has hundreds of video lessons on everything from basic equipment to advanced techniques.

3. Red Desert Violin

learn violin online

Red Desert Violin provides subscription-based online video lessons for beginner and intermediate violinists.

4. ArtistWorks

learn violin online

Subscription-based online video lessons with Nathan Cole, an L.A. Philharmonic violinist.

5. Maestro Musicians

learn violin online

Maestro Musicians is the website for Maestro Musicians Academy, greater Boston’s premiere music school.

Check out the website to choose from a collection of pre-recorded video lessons for beginners.

6. TakeLessons

learn violin online

Don’t forget, right here at TakeLessons, we have both online and in-person violin lessons!

If you don’t already have a teacher, search for a violin instructor near you!

Online Violin Tuner: 2 More Resources

learn violin online

If you want the best sound from your violin, you need to make sure you tune it properly. With these online violin tuners, you will never have to worry about showing up to practice without your tuner!

1. Get-Tuned

This free online violin tuner plays each note for you, so you can match your strings.

You can use it for standard GDAE tuning, and there is also a new feature for alternate tunings.

2. 8notes

In addition to a fantastic selection of violin sheet music (see below), 8notes has a great interactive tuner with pitch detection.

Best Way to Learn Violin: Play Violin Online for Fun!

learn violin online

No violin? No problem! Here are some sites where you can play online. Even if you do have a violin, these sites are a lot of fun to use! Some even have interactive games that make it easy to learn violin online in a fun way.

1. Virtual Violin Online

You can play the violin using your computer, or upload your own audio files to play.

Virtual Violin online also has an interactive fingering chart for beginners.

2. Violinonline.com

In addition to all the beginner-friendly articles, Violinonline also has an interactive violin fretboard to help you learn violin fingerings and notes.

3. Violin Flash Cards

A fun twist on flash cards; match the note shown to its place on the fingerboard.

4. Fiddlerman

Check out the learning tools section of the site to access the rhythm game, violin fingering game, and intonation game.

Violin Sheet Music

In order to play new violin songs, you need sheet music! Here are some of the best online resources to find violin sheet music.

1. Violinonline.com

Image courtesy violinonline.com

Violinonline has classical music with melody parts, and separate harmony parts scored for viola, cello and bass.

2. Violin Sheet Music

Hundreds of pieces of free sheet music, mostly classical.

3. 8notes

8notes has free sheet music for lots of genres: classical, folk, holiday, pop, rock, film, wedding, Christian, etc.

A Few More Websites Where You Can Take Free and Paid Violin Classes

learn violin online

Still aren’t satisfied? If the websites, games, and other interactive resources listed above just don’t do it for you, don’t worry! There are even more places where you can learn violin online.

These include:

More Tips for Learning Violin Online

learn violin online

As you learn violin online, pay attention to your form and posture. You’ll want to keep a close eye on how well you are hitting certain notes and chords, too, to make sure that you are learning things correctly and aren’t memorizing incorrect form or positioning.

Ask yourself the following questions as you take your online violin lessons:

  • Are you playing in tune? If you can, record yourself to make sure you’re in line.
  • Do you have the proper bow hold?
    Is your left hand in the proper position with the wrist and elbow aligned?
  • Are you warming up properly before each lesson?
  • Can you incorporate scales, arpeggios, or other activities to help you become a better violin player?

Can You Learn Violin Online? Absolutely!

learn violin online

As you can see, it’s easier than ever to learn violin online. You just have to take advantage of all of these resources!

If you’re excited to start learning the violin but don’t know where to begin, don’t worry. We have plenty of resources to help get you started. In addition to the tips we shared in this post, be sure to explore our other blog posts about playing the violin and check out some of the great online courses we recommend.

Everyone is different, so use the resources that work best for you. With a little practice and determination – and with the right violin lessons – you could be playing your favorite songs on the violin in no time!

JuliePPost Author: Julie P.
Julie P. teaches flute, clarinet, music theory, and saxophone lessons in Brooklyn, NY. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Music Education from Ithaca College and her Masters in Music Performance from New Jersey City University. Learn more about Julie here!
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