Lee Dong-wook, ”Bad and Crazy’ Is a Fierce Experience and Challenge’ @ HanCinema

“Bad and Crazy” Lee Dong-wook expressed his sincere feelings about the end of the show.


On the 28th, the agency King Kong by Starship released a photo with Lee Dong-wook‘s thoughts on ending the tvN Friday-Saturday drama “Bad and Crazy”which ended on the same day.

Lee Dong-wook said in a written interview, “I finished filming for six months safely and finished the broadcast”. He then said, “I would like to thank the viewers for supporting and loving Soo-yeol’s growth. “Bad and Crazy” was a new challenge and a fierce experience. I am truly grateful that you stayed with Soo-yeol and I until the end”.

Lee Dong-wook did not forget to mention the production crew. He said, “Thank you (director Yoo Seon-dong) for always putting my opinion first and creating a scene where I can act freely without any restrictions. And I’m so grateful to the actors who acted with me and our staff who would have worked a hundred times harder behind the screen”, he said, expressing his sincerity to the people he worked with.

Finally, Lee Dong-wook said, “Experiences through “Bad and Crazy” will be a valuable nourishment for my acting life in the future. It was a crazy ride. I will come back with another work and another character. Happy New Year”, he said, wrapping up his thoughts on ending the show.

Lee Dong-wook received favorable reviews from many people for his role as Ryoo Soo-yeol, the head of the anti-corruption investigation team and another personality of K (Wi Ha-joon) in “Bad & Crazy”.


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