Lee Si-eon Working Hard @ HanCinema

the actor Lee Si Eun Reveal his condition in hard work.


Lee Si Eun It’s starting soon,” he said on his Instagram on the 4th. Promote the play he’s starring in with the caption “I’m working hard today too!” The photo released together contained a timeline of the play “Then and Today,” starring Lee Si Eun. Lee Si Eun, who has been working hard since his marriage last month, stands out.

Lee Si Eun married actor Seo Ji Seong On the island of Jeju on the 25th of last month after a four-year relationship. Han Hye JinAnd Park Na Rae and Jian 84 He also attended the wedding, which invited only a few people, including family and relatives. On the wedding day, rumors spread that Park Na Rae received a bouquet of flowers, but Park Na Rae denied the rumors of marriage and dating, saying, “There is no point in receiving a flower bouquet.”


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