Lee Soo-kyung-I to Star in ‘Adamas’ @ HanCinema

the actor Lee Soo Kyung I He plays a daring reporter who can’t stand injustice in tvN’s new drama “Adamas”.


“Adamas” It is a work that depicts two twin brothers fighting against the great evil hiding behind the truth of the accident 22 years ago to get rid of the false accusation of the biological father who killed the stepfather. actors Ji Sung And Seo Ji Hee Appear, writer Choi Tae Kang Writes the script and director Park Seung Woo From “Cairo” Take on megaphone.

Lee Soo Kyung I will play a role Kim Seo Hee, a social-emotional reporter fit for drama. Lee Soo Kyung I She turns into a passionate reporter who embodies social justice, declaring that she will captivate viewers with her energetic and daring charm.

an actress Lee Soo Kyung I, who appeared as a comet in 2015 in “The Metal Wardrobe Girl”She demonstrated her potential by winning the Youngest Supporting Role Award in the 2018 Baeksang Arts Film category for the film “blackening of the heart”. Since then, the public has loved her by showing her strong presence in a number of acts.

moreover, Lee Soo Kyung I You will continue to work hard on the original wavve movie “dead man” About to be released this year. Expectations are rising for what kind of potential Lee Soo Kyung I, who has been active in dramas and movies, will appear in “Adamas”.

“Adamas” The premiere is scheduled to take place in the second half of this year.


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