Lee Sun-bin Celebrates ‘Work Later, Drink Now’ Ranking 1st Place @ HanCinema

an actress Lee Sun Bin Celebrate the first place of “Work Later, Drink Now”.


She posted pictures on her Instagram account with the caption, “HAPPY 2022 WITH TVING. So, Sun-bin continues in 2022 too.”

The photo shows her holding her celebratory gift from the “2021 TV Awards” and the phrase “TVING Awards Vote on Social Media”. Balloon says,Lee Sun Bin From “Work Later, Drink Now”, Thank you all”.

Lee Sun Bin SHINE IN TVING “Work Later, Drink Now” Which came at #1 on TVING for being the most watched drama, batting “Cha-Cha-Cha’s hometown”And “Hospital Playlist Season Two” And “Vencenzo”.

“Work Later, Drink Now” It is a drama about the lives of three women in their thirties who believe in drinking after starring in action Lee Sun BinAnd Han Sunhwa And Jung Eun Ji. The popularity of the drama has led to “Work Later, Drink Now – Season 2” being produced.


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