‘Let Me Be Your Knight’ Jung In-sun Talks About Lee Jun-young @ HanCinema

“Let me be your knight” Jong In Sun I talked about romantic chemistry with the actor Lee Jun Young.


In a recent video interview with TV Daily, Jong In Sun I talked about Sunday drama on SBS “Let me be your knight” Which will expire on the 30th.

On this day, Jong In Sun He said, “I received a lot of help from the participating actors Lee Jun Young,” adding, “I thought he was very flexible and worked well for me.”

Then I talked to her about romantic chemistry Lee Jun Young, “I had really good teamwork Lee Jun Young. It was nice to get what we had in mind right away. We also treated each other very well.”

“Let me be your knight” It is a work that depicts a sweet, brutal, psychotherapeutic romance between a world star who suffers from sleepwalking and a private resident who must treat it in secret. Finished with a colorful visual assortment like actors Jong In SunAnd Lee Jun Young And Yoon Ji SungThe story of people with diverse charms is loved by viewers.

in the drama Jong In Sun He plays In Yoon-joo, who becomes the resident doctor for a famous band in an instant. She caught the eye by perfectly accommodating the lead role in driving the drama and the character that sets the tone for the story.


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