Nam Bo-ra, ‘I Went Home and Met My 13th Sibling’ @ HanCinema

“Radio Star” Nam Bo Ra She remembered the time she met her younger brother.


Seo Jang Hoon Yoo Min Sang And Goo Ja-wook starred on the MBC TV show “Radio Star”.

Ahn Young Mi Requested Nam Bo Ra, the eldest of 13 siblings, how she felt about the birth of her thirteenth brother.

Nam Bo Ra He replied, “It was so dramatic. I didn’t know there was another brother on the way. I did everything very well and kind to the 12th brother. I did my best.”

“Then one day, I went home and saw a baby I had never seen before. My brother was the thirteenth. I wasn’t sure what happened in the house at the time because I was a college student. I realized there was another brother I had to take care of now.”

She added, “I didn’t like it at first. I didn’t really take care of it, but I saw how exhausted my mom was. It turned out to be really cute.”


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