Nam Yoon-su Considers SBS’s ‘Today’s Webtoon’ @ HanCinema

Actor Nam Yoon-su has been chosen for the lead role in “Today’s Webtoon”.


On the 7th, his agency made an official position. “Nam Yoon-su has received an offer to appear in SBS’s new drama “Today’s Webtoon”but he is currently carefully considering it”.

“Today’s Webtoon” It depicts a female protagonist who used to be a judo player struggling to become a true webtoon editor by getting a job as a new employee in the webtoon editing department. It is based on a Japanese drama. Kim Sejeonga former member of the group IOI, was selected as the leading actress

Nam Yoon-su has appeared in the dramas “Birthcare Center”, “Beyond Evil” and “The King’s Affection” and is becoming a rising star with solid and stable acting skills.


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