Nam Yoon-su to Lead Star in Kakao TV ‘Borrowed Body’ @ HanCinema

Actor Nam Yoon-su challenges body change fantasy romance.


Kakao TV’s original “Borrowed Body” is a fantasy mystery romance in which the body of outsider Lee Sang-yoo, who is falsely accused and hated by all students and the popular insider Gi Da-rim’s body change, based on a webtoon of the same name.

Nam Yoon-su will play the role of Lee Sang-yoo, a self-proclaimed outsider. Having hoped that his high school senior life would end safely without any high expectations from school and friends, his body switches with that of his childhood friend and crush Gi Da-rim and becomes involved in an unexpected incident.

Nam Yoon-suwho debuted as a model in 2014, began his acting career by appearing on MBC every1 “Sagaji House” in 2018. Since then, Nam Yoon-suwho made a strong impression as Gi-tae in Netflix’s “Extracurricular” has captivated viewers with his stable historical drama performance in KBS2’s “The King’s Affection” which ended last year.

As he is expanding his acting spectrum into such various genres, he plans to fully digest the character’s traumatic to fantasy romance through this work and give off a variety of charms.

Nam Yoon-su said, “I’m very excited to play the main character of the webtoon original drama that has secured a wide fandom”, adding, “At first glance, I’m an ordinary high school student, but I’ll do my best to show Lee Sang-yoo’s growth with inner wounds and pain”.

“Borrowed Body” is produced in a total of 15 parts and about 20 minutes of mid-form dramas each episode. Filming will begin in the first half of this year and will be released on Kakao TV.


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