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“You’re Alive In This Script” (2021)

Directed by Lim Jihwan

With Lee Sae-byul, Kim Dong-yeon, Min Sung-gook, Jeon Sang-woo,…

A famous screenwriter, Lee Geul, begins to write a sad romance work, “Sad but Beautiful Love Story” by a dignified man and woman. One day, while the writer is discussing his script with colleagues, he meets a new male actor Baek Ji-in through a forced meeting. Lee Geul and Ji-in, who liked each other through first impressions, later become lovers. The form of love develops into a relationship where the author discusses script with acquaintances and shares work and life. Lee Geul, who feels that the deeper his love for Ji-in, the more the man in the script turns into his lover.

Then one day, Lee Geul was suddenly reminded that the male protagonist and Ji-in in the script look similar. “Sad but Beautiful Love Story”. Lee Geul looks at Ji-in bitterly. Ji-in shows symptoms of Youngzheimer like the man in the script. Shocked, Lee Geul writes to make Ji-in’s dream come true before his symptoms get worse.

Release date in Korea : 2022


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