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Korean short movie “Swimming Bird” added to HanCinema database


“Swimming Bird” (2020)

Directed by Ryan Kwon

With Lee Ji-ah, Hwang In-yeop, Lee Do-hyun-VII,…

Eun-chae, a temporary teacher finds a student at her school being assaulted by a group of bullies in an alley on her way home. Eun-chae who is traumatized from childhood due to domestic violence abandoned the student in fear and ran away. The next day, he found the student, In-gook’s seat empty, and while guilt was creeping up on her, she received a video of herself running away from In-gook sent from an unknown number. Eun-chae who is in danger of losing her job sets out to find the person who sent the video. She later finds out that In-gook has the same wounds as her…

No release date in Korea yet


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