Only Go: Single’s Inferno Moon SeHoon Restaurant

I visited Only Go, the famous Moon Se Hoon restaurant in Single’s Inferno located in Gangnam. Let’s check out what’s on their list!

I was addicted to the Netflix TV Show Single’s Inferno (솔로 지옥). It’s a variety show about nine Korean bachelors stranded on a deserted island. To escape from the island they must search for love for 9 nine days. The Single’s Inferno is ranked 3rd in the top 10 best TV shows in South Korea today.

One of the actors of Single’s Inferno has a restaurant in Gangnam which was featured on the TV show. After hearing that I went to check out Naver’s website and searched for it. I found out that the name of the restaurant is only GO (온리). It is already famous and many Korean bloggers have written reviews about the restaurant. Out of curiosity my friend and I went to visit the said restaurant yesterday.

Only Go Restaurant is owned by one of the members of Single’s Inferno, Moon Se Hoon.

Dining experience at Only Go

My friend and I tried the beef steak, ragu pasta, and crouffle with ice cream and fries. The main course and side menu are varied and it is a good place to enjoy it from time to time.

– Roam with the jinn

The restaurant has a lot of visitors so reservations before visiting is a must.

Food and drinks

Only Go serves pasta. Steak and salmon that really goes well with the wine. That’s why it’s also known as a nighttime wine bar.

beef steak
Beef Steak 39,000 won

This menu contains beef steak, vegetables, mashed potatoes, wasabi and mustard. Some might say Beefsteak is a popular menu but Only Go has something I would visit over and over again. The steak is tender, juicy and delicious which makes it perfect for my taste buds. As you can see in the photo there is white cream on the plate. It’s actually potato mash (감자 퓨레) and I love it! I can really taste the fries mixed with cheese, milk and butter. I’m not sure how to make it exactly but that’s what it tastes like to me.

ragu pasta
ragu pasta
Raju pasta 24,000 won

If I’m not mistaken, Ragu Pasta is actually an Italian dish. According to Italian cooking, hesitant It means a sauce usually made with ground meat, tomato puree, onions and red wine, and then served with pasta.

Go’s Ragu pasta is cooked just to perfection and delicious to taste. Italian parsley also gives extra flavor to ragu pasta.

Croffle with ice cream
Crofley grape ice cream
Croffle with Ice Cream (Haagen-Dazs Croffle) 12000 won

The caramel (waffle croissant) is very tasty and goes perfectly with ice cream and grapes.

Cajun French Fries
fried potato
French Fries (Cajun Fries) 7000 won

Cajun French fries are a good addition to the side menu. It has a delicious taste and is also ideal when dipped in hot sauce or mayonnaise.

minimal interior

The unique exterior of the building is made of arched glass, and the large and rustic sign is not attached to the outer wall, so it looked elegant.

Only Go has a simple and elegant interior. It also has a quiet atmosphere and is really perfect for romantic dates, especially at night. Mood lights also add to the atmosphere of the restaurant.

The restaurant does not have valet parking, so visitors who bring their cars need to park alone in the parking lot. But as I see it has a narrow alley that the driver has to drive in reverse to stop it.

How do you get here?

Only Go is located in Apgujeong, the hot place for upper class. Take MRT Line 3 to Apgujong Station, then take Exit 3 and walk for about 640 metres. Use GPS if you are unfamiliar with the place.

Quick tip for Get That Shot . Café

  • Korean name: Just
  • Tabuk: Room 101, First Floor, Wong Building, 628-39, Sinsa-dong
  • English address: 628-39 Sinsadong Wong Building, 1st Floor
  • phone number: 070-8888-2755
  • times of work: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM

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