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Modern Korean fairy tales can come true. When HB announced his marriage, he sentimentally referenced the CLOY characters as continuing their journey in real life, to the delight of BinJin shippers. SYJ remarked just the day before that her first love was her current love. A first love is an idyllic emotional state where you find the first person you truly fall in love with; your own belief of what love is that was not there before. In her announcement, she was shy and inferred that destiny brought them together which was also a theme from CLOY.

“I want to become a more mature and amazing actress and person, but it’s not as easy as I want it to be. I’ll be able to get closer to my ideal version of myself one day, won’t I…? So, I’ll become a person that neither you nor I won’t be embarrassed of,” SYJ wrote in her post. As with the dating news, it appears she is overwhelmed by emotions of the moment and tentative about how others’ expectations and marriage will change her future. I never thought she had anything she had done or accomplished anything to be embarrassed about but it may have to do with her gratitude from the unconditional love her fans have given her. It may also be about her immediate future. “Son Ye-jin has not decided on her next project ahead of her wedding with Hyun Bin. After her marriage, she is expected to focus on her newlywed life for the time being,” Naver reported stating that SYJ has no filming scheduled after March It would be a shame if 39 is her last project before a long hiatus.

With the news, CLOY rocketed to the top streaming lists more than 2 years after its conclusion. I wish the couple well as they now journey into deeper waters of the prying, public, celebrity fishbowl.

I do find it interesting that SYJ’s last three projects were very close to herself. In SITR, she played an immature mid-30s career professional navigating the rough waters of being single without a clear or happy ending. In CLOY, she played a rich business woman who gets caught up in a fantasy romance which also had an ambiguous ending. Next week, 39 debuts as she plays a 39 year old woman dealing with friendship and romance at the pivotal milestone age of 40. We shall see how it all plays out.

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