Park Bo-young Donates 50 Million Won to Support Low-income Female Youth @ HanCinema

Actress Park Bo-young participated in a good deed to mark her birthday.


G Foundation, an international development cooperation NGO, reported Park Bo-young‘s donation on the 12th. According to G Foundation, Park Bo-young donated 50 million won to support female teenagers from low-income families in Korea. The donation delivered by Park Bo-young will be used to support sanitary pads so that female adolescents suffering from a lack of sanitary pads can have a hygienic and safe menstrual period.

Since her debut, Park Bo-young has consistently conveyed her meaningful feelings to children and adolescents from low-income families at home and abroad and has been continuously spreading her good influence by donating to vulnerable groups and firefighters suffering from COVID-19.

Meanwhile, Park Bo-young is considering her next work after the end of the tvN drama “Doom at Your Service”.


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