Park Ha-na, Happy for the Coffee Truck From Fans @ HanCinema

an actress Park Ha Na A coffee truck gift certificate for her fans.


in the nineteenth Park Ha Na “Because of the cold weather, it was tiring and difficult to shoot outdoors. Today, I needed to keep warm. Thank you so much ♥,” she said on Instagram.

In the released pictures, Park Ha Na He seems touched by receiving a coffee truck gift from a fan. Fans are smiling happily at Park Ha Na, who smiles happily after receiving the coffee while covering her mouth with both hands and looks surprised.

Park Ha Na Then he said, “My banana, I thank you for your unchanging love and support. I want to work even harder to give back to you and the driving force behind the scenes. Thank you today to everyone who loves me. I love you.”

at the same time, Park Ha Na He is starring as Jo Sa-ra in KBS2’s Weekend Drama “Young Lady and a Gentleman”.


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