Park Hae-jin, Thankful and Touched by Support From Fans From 28 Countries @ HanCinema

Actor Park Hae-jin thanked fans from 28 countries for their unwavering support.


Fans have expressed their feelings for Park Hae-jin with drama support. Park Hae-jin is filming as the male protagonist of the MBC drama “Showtime Begins!” scheduled for air this spring. He thanked the fans for their constant support, saying, “I’m grateful and emotional for their unchanging support”.

“Showtime Begins!” is a ghost-coordinating comic investigation drama about the story of charismatic magician Cha Cha-woong (Park Hae-jin) and passionate police officer Go Seul-hae (Jin Ki-joo). The atmosphere on the set of “Showtime Begins!” which has been filming for about three months is always friendly. The support of those who love Park Hae-jin has added warmth to the scene.

Park Hae-jin‘s fans’ drama support has been going on for 14 years. It is a fandom culture created 14 years ago when Park Hae-jin asked, “Please refrain from expensive gifts”. Fans have expressed their feelings for him with support and donations, not expensive gifts, to protect the actor’s beliefs. Fans from 28 countries have donated in the name of Park Hae-jin. In addition, when Park Hae-jin films dramas, movies, and entertainment, they add warmth to the scene with support.

Earlier, when Park Hae-jin filmed the MBC drama “Kkondae Intern”, fans stepped up for him. When filming became difficult due to a lack of masks, Park Hae-jin donated 3,800 masks to the site. Park Hae-jin‘s fans purchased masks from overseas and donated 5,000 masks to the site.


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