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Park Joo-hyun and Chae Jong-hyeop matched for badminton and love in KBS’s Going to You at a Speed ​​of 493km

With spring on the horizon, KBS has lined up a cute sports romance called, Going to You at a Speed ​​of 493km. Featuring the lead actors Park Joo-hyun (Mouse) and Chae Jong-hyeop (The Witch’s Diner), the drama recently released a new poster and stills, as well as a video teaser.

The story is centered around the professional badminton industry, with Park Joo-hyun and Chae Jong-heop first meeting as fellow athletes with differing agendas.

For Park, badminton is her passion. Despite being on track for the Olympics, she suddenly quit three years ago and is just now having picking up her racket again. Chae, on the other hand, had been treating badminton as simply a job. But meeting Park sparks something inside him and he begins to see that maybe he didn’t realize how much badminton really means to him.

The teaser starts with a frustrated Chae Jong-hyeop forfeiting the game and, off screen, we hear a man upset at Chae for wanting to quit. The text screen explains the story’s setup: “A man who sees sports as an occupation meets a woman for whom sports is everything.” We then jump to Park Joo-hyun meeting with Chae to offer advice. She praises Chae’s talent and he takes her words to heart.

In the sequence that follows, we see the team playing while the coach rallies at them, “When will I reap the rewards of supporting this unpopular league that doesn’t make any money?! Let’s show them what we’re made of!” Both Chae Jong-hyeop and Park Joo-hyun put their whole effort into the match and we get a quick glimpse of the shocked spectators. In a split screen, we see Chae and Park ecstatic with their performance and the teaser comes to a close with a full view of the tournament arena.

Directed by PD Jo Woong and written by Heo Sung-hye, KBS’s Going to You at a Speed ​​of 493km premieres on April 20 in the Wednesday-Thursday slot.

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